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You want to be able to reach your financial goal and you’ve created a budget but life happens and costs always change.

How do you adapt & keep on the path to achieve your goals?

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You don’t need to have financial issues
to create a spending plan.

PAS’s customized dynamic plan helps achieve goals

while accounting for life’s everyday changes.

PAS helps you take control of your spending, live within your

income, and achieve your financial goals by
following a plan customized to you.



Couple with Campervan


Couples Therapy

1. Discovery Meeting

A complimentary meeting in person (or via zoom) to
discuss the goals you want to achieve and how
PAS can help achieve them.

2. Spending Analysis

Determine how you spent your money the last 12 months versus
your sources of income over the same period.

Organizing Medicine

3. Organize Information

Separate your Fixed Expenses from the rest of your spending.

Subtract your Fixed Expenses from your total income.

The leftover amount is what you have available for
Discretionary Spending.

Total Income
Fixed Expenses
Discretionary Spending
Software Engineers

4. Import Information

Add your information to our system:
Schedule each Fixed Expense, Source of Income
and Discretionary Spending amount and then
project forward 12 months.


5. Setting up Accounts

We suggest setting up separate bank accounts for each partner
and come up with a split of the Discretionary
Spending between the two accounts.

We will then use this report to have you set up all of the fixed

expenses on the list to auto-draft from your
main account that we monitor.

Startup Development Team

6. Developement

Customizing a plan to reach your goals, based on your
current and anticipated expenses.

7. Plan Review

Did we uncover additional issies while creating the plan?

Did you want to set aside money every year
for christmas, vacation etc?

Did you want to remove or add a service to
your fixed expense?


Day to day

We monitor your account and reconcile it every month.

We notify you of anything off-plan activities in the

account and adjust the plan for any number

of items that may come up.

A business meeting


The plan can be adjusted at any time.

You can notify us by email about any changes or expected

expenses  that need to be added or removed from

your account (plumbing repair etc).

Privacy & Safety

privacy & safety

PAS - Plan Ahead Spending -01_edited_edited.png

All of us are consumers and we all want to preserve
our privacy and security.

Naturally, we take great precautions to keep your data safe.

How we keep your data safe?

1. No information stored on cloud

2. Firewall Protection

3. Additional layer of security by Datroo

Read more about privacy & safety here.

PAS will reduce your spending even after our fees (if you follow our plan) or your first 6 months are free.

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